Wednesday, March 27, 2013

setia song ; least tok mat got it right!

was uploaded in youtube by mistah fong in feb 2011.
maybe some had seen it, but I discovered it quite late after watching it in rbfonline blog.
fish leong, penny tai and michael wong (all re malaysian born chinese), belted out the 'setia' during their appearance in one of taiwan's talk show.
song being picked because of melody suited for acapella? or being picked because the song wordings are very significant potraying that they re malaysian chinese?
anyway, i have great respect for them...if they were in local tv, surely lar kena lambasted as government propaganda!
at present  after all the 'ohh and ahh' about our partisan politics, bumi vs non bumi, social contract etc, the level of patriotism especially amongst the non malay from my personal opinion had hit the lowest end since our independence.
at least mat bulat @ mat setia @ tok mat (the late tan sri mohamed rahmat) got it right in promoting the song during his tenure as information minister!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

markas shalahuddin - hostel blocks started...

New Hostel Blocks ; Foundation completed...RC columns in progress.
Was in Markas Shalahuddin Battambang, Cambodia over the weekend. The new hostel blocks to replace the existing shelters had started and alhamdulillah seems in good progress. Scheduled to complete in September 2013. The development approach is in stages, depending on priority of buildings and contributions received before putting up any new structures. With that, the mosque was completed in December 2010 followed by Ustaz's Accomodation in March 2012.  For the hostel blocks after working on it for almost 10 months, the project finally took off. May Allah blessed those who had contributed to the fund. JazakAllah Khair.
Existing shelters for students.
The new mosque behind the shelter was completed in December 2010.

Inside the mosque...used by the tahfiz students also as study areas.
Ustaz's  Accomodation - Completed in March 2012.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Kg Simunul Tragedy ; My comrades were slaughtered!!



'My comrades were slaughtered'

GUNFIGHT: Cop recounts the moment Sulu terrorists killed his colleagues in Kampung Simunul on March 2
 The blue house from where the first volley of fire had come from in Kampung Simunul on March 2.
The blue house from where the first volley of fire had come from in Kampung Simunul on March 2.
AS the main assaulters in the police raiding team outside the terrorists hideout were hit by  bullets, *Adam, *Amir and the other operatives behind them pulled back and dove for cover. The enemy had a clear field of fire and the police team was exposed.
Just seconds after the terrorists opened fire, the area where the terrorists were located exploded in a volley of fresh fire as more enemy combatants lit up the police assault team. The police laid down suppressive fire to give their men a chance to get behind cover.
Many leapt into the door-less houses that lined the walkway; these would be their foxholes for the next 24 hours, at least. Adam and Amir were among those who escaped the complex maze. They dialled up their combat net (command centre) and called for backup.
Recalling that moment, Adam said as he moved further from the house, turning his head every now and then, he saw the terrorists exit the house to pull his comrades who were lying in pools of their own blood outside the door, closer in.

"One of our men who was shot at the door retreated but fell into the water below. Somehow, he managed to call the operations centre.
"He was telling command about the ambush and that he had been shot. The terrorists must have heard him. We found his bullet-riddled body a few metres from where he fell," Adam said.
This was the only time throughout our conversation that Adam was overcome with emotion.
"Then there was a lull in the fighting. I looked back and this was when I saw the terrorists striking my brothers with their barong (a knife resembling a cleaver used in the Philippines) repeatedly. "They were already badly wounded. I did not hear any sound coming from them as they were being hacked," the officer, not more than 30, said. He let his voice trail off until he was barely audible. Heavy gunfire resumed, this time coming from all directions. *Musa, who was peering through the cracks with one eye cocked on the four men he had in custody in case they decided to jump him, was almost hit by two rounds that slammed through the window.
In less than a minute from when the first shot was fired, several terrorists began to advance and press on with their attack on the policemen.
The terrorists appeared to know the area well as they were believed to have entered the village about a week before.
Musa said as it was quite dark outside, he could not return fire for fear of hitting one of his own. From where he was, he could see the atrocities that were being committed against his fallen comrades in the dimly-lit blue house.
His voice cracked as he told us: "If there is one thing I could erase from my memory, it is the sight of seeing my fellow brothers slaughtered by the terrorists.
"I saw one of my brothers, who had been shot and was barely alive, when one of the terrorists swung his barong at his neck. He was later shot in the mouth," Musa said, his voice cracking. This was the same time that Inspector Mohd Hasnal, who was kneeling on the walkway after being shot, was being attacked by a barong-wielding terrorist. Although he could not fight back, Hasnal shielded himself from the blows with his arms. By then, his fingers and forearm were almost severed. His attacker had also managed to strike him on his head and back.
*Ahmad, from his position, saw the whole thing and lit Hasnal's attacker up with his weapon. His trigger finger never relaxed as he fired off round after round, spent bullet casings coming out of his ejection port in a torrent of brass. He also killed another terrorist. Ahmad unloaded an entire magazine clip on Hasnal's attacker before the terrorist fell into the boat below. Police later found amulets around the terrorist's waist. He and the rest of the terrorists did not have body armour or ballistic protection.
It was then that Hasnal got up to take cover. As luck would have it, he chose the path that led to the house Ahmad was in. Seeing him approach, Ahmad dived into the narrow corridor and pushed Hasnal into the house Musa was in.
Superintendent Ibrahim Lebar, who had just been shot a few metres away, was a few steps behind Hasnal. However, he came face to face with a terrorist who had turned into the corridor. The terrorist shot at him and attacked him with a barong.
Ahmad, who had heard the shot from inside the house, shot at the terrorist, who managed to run away.
Ibrahim died in the corridor.
Having seen the kind of butchers the Suluk terrorists were, Ahmad was determined to keep his superior's body intact. He dragged his body in.
As the night fell silent
The next 24 hours was a living hell for Musa and the rest of the men trapped at the village. Although the night had became still since the final rounds were fired, they were hunkered down within the four walls of their concealed positions. They didn't know whom they could trust.
With one hand on his weapon and pointing it at the four suspects, and the other trying to stem the flow of blood from Hasnal's wounds, Musa's eyes darted around the house. He didn't know where the terrorists would breach his position, where they were going to come in from. They could come in through the kitchen door or the open window he was facing. He prayed hard for a rescue team to come soon.
"I had to urinate in my pants and a piece of cloth, because if the terrorists heard the sound of water dripping, we were all dead.
"Occasionally, I would wake Hasnal up to make sure he was still alive."
Musa had found a water container that the occupants of the house had used to catch water leaking from the roof. It was full of unidentifiable particles and lizard droppings.
"I drank it and gave Hasnal some. That was the same water that I used to clean off the blood on his face."
He said that while his phone battery had long died, he had to remove Hasnal's phone battery as he was unsure of how to switch it off. He couldn't risk the terrorists tracing them. The four suspects had been patted down before the ambush and had had their phones seized.
The rescue operation
The sound of the wooden walkway creaking at 5pm the next day jolted an exhausted Musa. Heavy footsteps advancing towards him followed. He peeked through the cracks and saw scores of VAT 69 commandos in full tactical assault gear scouring the area. He grabbed the reflective vest he had hidden throughout the night and hung it by the window, to indicate his position to the rescuers. Earlier, before his mission was launched, the entire team had agreed on a set of pro words, hand signals and gestures to convey information efficiently.
As agreed during the briefing at the headquarters, in case anything were to go wrong, Musa would lie still on his back.
This would enable the rescue team to immediately identify him as a friendly. The commandos stormed into the house and as per procedure, he gave them a brief report. They then secured and took with them all the weapons in the room, including his.
"I somewhat felt like a prisoner when my weapon was taken away. "Then, the commandos shouted 'Secured!' and said that they would come back for me," he said. Inspector Hasnal was immediately taken away by two of the commandos out of the hostile area. "It was the greatest relief for me when Hasnal was brought out alive.
"He had fought hard for his life and it was not in vain."

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Meh Terai Kuiz Sejarah Darjah 1 ; Sapa tere? Orang Suluk atau Malaysia?

Sememangnya rumpun Melayu kepulauan Nusantara ini terbahagi kepada pelbagai suku etnik. Jika mengikut sesetengah kajian, rumpun Melayu ini amat luas  dan telah lama mempunyai peradaban dan ilmu pengetahuan yang tersendiri (mengambil kira dari era sebelum kedatangan Islam) merangkumi dari Mynmar, Ayuthia (Thailand), Siem Reap & Champa (Cambodia), Selatan Filipina, Brunei, kepulauan Borneo, Kepulauan Indonesia hingga ke Malaysia. Sejarah juga telah banyak mencatatkan pertembungan-pertembungan sesama suku etnik Melayu yang ada.
Termasuklah pertembungan terkini, etnik Melayu dari rumpun Malaysia dan Tausug Suluk dari kepulauan Sulu. Berbalik kepada sejarah, siapakah yang lebih hebat?
Tidak dinafikan sejarah telah membuktikan betepa hebatnya orang-orang Suluk berperang. Mereka telah berperang dengan Sepanyol yang dipanggil Perang 300 Tahun pada era 1500 dan Amerika pada era 1900 lagi.Turut diakui sebagai 'seafarer' (ahli pelayaran) yang hebat.
Manakala kehebatan rumpun Melayu di Malaysia pula banyak terarah semasa era 1500 ke 1800 semasa kemuncak kegemilangan Kesultanan Melayu Melaka menentang Portugis dan Belanda sehinggalah kemasukan Inggeris ke Melaka melalui perjanjian Inggeris-Belanda pada 1824. Juga terkenal dengan keberanian berperang dan ilmu tempur yang tinggi sewaktu melawan penjajah serta turut diakui sebagai ahli pelayaran yang hebat dengan pengetahuan membina kapal-kapal 'jong' untuk pelayaran jauh (yang turut dikagumi oleh orang-orang Eropah).
So, dari sejarahnya kira Tausug Suluk dengan Melayu Malaysia dari segi 'kegangsteran' dan 'langsi' dalam begadoh dan beramuk kira seri lar. Tang brutal korek-korek biji mata, penggal kepala, kelar-kelar badan yang tu bukan Tausug Suluk je yang buat, Kominis Malaya (Bintang Tiga), Viet Cong ngan Khmer Rouge pon dah lama buat.
Tapi kaum kerabat Suluk telah berjaya membunuh Ferdinand Magellan di Mactan. Ahli pelayaran bebangsa Portugis yang sebegitu hebat tetapi akhirnya mati di tangan orang-orang laut Suluk. Kalau cenggitu sudah pasti geng Suluk ni lagi hebat?  Kjap, wait seminit...Selain Magellan dan geng Suluk ni, ada lagi seorang ahli pelayaran yang amat hebat. Dia tidak mati ditangan Kerabat Suluk tadi, dia kekal dan dialah yang telah meneruskan akhirnya menamatkan pelayaran termahsyur dunia itu. Yang ni kita ada up sket lar..sori ekk, kita up banyak larrr brader!! Ahli pelayaran laut luas yang tesohor didunia itu adalah orang Melayu Malaysia!!

Ferdinand Magellan: the first to go around the world?

Ferdinand MagellanFerdinand Magellan. Repro ID: PU2325 ©National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, LondonColumbus landed in the 'new world' of the Americas in 1492. Explorers coming after him in the 16th century brought the news to Europe that the Pacific Ocean lay beyond the western coast of America. Suddenly people began to understand that they could reach the East by sailing westwards from Europe.

Who was Magellan?

Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese sailor. He wanted to try to reach south-east Asia, where many spices grew, by sailing westwards across the Atlantic Ocean. As his own king wouldn't finance the voyage, he got the help he needed from Spain instead. He hoped to find a passage through South America so that he could sail all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Did Magellan get home safely?

No, for he was killed in a fight with islanders in the Philippines. He died on 27 April 1521 on Mactan Island, Cebu, the Philippines.

Death in the Philippines
[Heading northwest, the crew reached the equator on 13 February 1521. On 6 March they reached the Marianas and Guam. Magellan called Guam the "Island of Sails" because they saw a lot of sailboats. They renamed it to "Ladrones Island" (Island of Thieves) because many of Trinidad's small boats were stolen there. On 17 March Magellan reached the island of Homonhon in the Philippines, with 150 crew left. Members of his expedition became the first Spaniards to reach the Philippine archipelago, but they were not the first Europeans.[20]
Magellan was able to communicate with the native tribes because his Malay interpreter, Enrique, could understand their languages. Enrique was indentured by Magellan in 1511 right after the colonization of Malacca and was at his side during the battles in Africa, during Magellan's disgrace at the King's court in Portugal and during Magellan's successful raising of a fleet. They traded gifts with Rajah Siaiu of Mazaua[21] who guided them to Cebu on 7 April.
Rajah Humabon of Cebu was friendly towards Magellan and the Spaniards; both he and his queen Hara Amihan were baptized as Christians. Afterward, Rajah Humabon and his ally Datu Zula convinced Magellan to kill their enemy, Datu Lapu-Lapu, on Mactan. Magellan had wished to convert Lapu-Lapu to Christianity, as he had Humabon, a proposal of which Lapu-Lapu was dismissive. On the morning of 27 April 1521, Magellan sailed to Mactan with a small attack force. During the resulting battle against Lapu-Lapu's troops, Magellan was hit by a bamboo spear and later surrounded and finished off with other weapons]


So although he had masterminded the first expedition to sail around the world, he did not complete the voyage himself. In fact, the first person to sail around the world was a Malaysian, who had travelled back to Europe with Magellan many years earlier. Later, he accompanied Magellan as an interpreter on the circumnavigation.

Sources ;
Orang pertama mengelilingi dunia??..Sapa?...Ferdinand Magellan?? Geng-geng Suluk?
Salah...jawapannya orang Melayu Malaysia!
Panglima Awang aka Panglima Hitam aka Henry the Black aka Enrique!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

8 Mac dan permainan catur cara kita...

umpama kasparov dan karpov bermain catur.....amat berhati-hati, menekan jam masa selepas setiap gerakan dilakukan, duduk berjam-jam dengan gerakan buah catur hanya dilakukan setelah segala kebarangkalian dan kemungkinan gerak dari lawan sudah dikaji dan teliti.

umpama najib dan anwar bermain catur....juga amat berhati-hati, menekan jam masa selepas setiap gerakan dilakukan, duduk berjam-jam dengan gerakan buah catur hanya dilakukan setelah segala kebarangkalian dan kemungkinan gerak dari lawan sudah dikaji dan teliti....

cuma gerakan buah catur oleh najib dan  anwar digerakan melalui desakan oleh orang sekelilingnya...cuma gerakan buah catur najib dan anwar lebih kearah geram dengan menyaksikan banyak korban awal dilakukan termasuk membungkamkan awal-awal lagi buah catur utama masing-masing....cuma permainan catur najib dan anwar, rupanya  susur galur desakan dan keputusan pergerakan buah catur masing-masing itu datangnya dari sumber yang sama!

permainan catur kasparov dan karpov mengambil masa 10 hingga 20 jam boleh dimain berulang-ulang selepas setiap set permainan.

cuma permainan catur najib dan anwar mengambil masa 5 tahun dan cuma boleh dimainkan sekali setiap permainan.....dimulakan pada 8  mac 2008 dan perlu tamat pada 8 mac 2013.

cuma permainan catur najib dan anwar, banyak menguris hati...dan sepak terajangnya adalah benar.

cuma permainan catur najib dan anwar, yang merugikan adalah pemain catur manakala pemenangnya adalah orang yang diluar papan catur...

paling hebatnya ialah yang menang adalah orang yang sama!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sabah Invasion ; Arwah adik saya bukan anjing!!!

Sumber ;

Seperti yang pernah ditulis sebelum ini, kita boleh berbeza pendapat tetapi jangan sampai keterlaluan dalam meluahkan kata-kata.
Pergilah anda berdepan dengan keluarga pasukan keselamatan yang terkorban, Tian Chua, Jonathan Lin dan yang bersependapat dengannya. Sila pergi cara berdepan dan  ulang kata-kata anda pada keluarga mangsa.
Tidak setuju sekalipun tetapi terlalu hinakah anggota-anggota pasukan keselamatan  yang dikerah bertugas di pantai timur Sabah? Terlalu hinakah mereka untuk anda mengakui akan peranan serta pengorbanan mereka-mereka ini yang berdepan dengan musuh?
Menggelar pasukan keselamatan sebagai anjing, terserlah betapa dangkalnya tahap pemikiran ahli-ahli politik sebegini yang tidak tahu betapa untungnya 'babi-babi' ini hidup dibumi Malaysia.
Tian Chua, Jonathan Lin dan yang bersependapat dengannya, mungkin kehidupan anda dan keluarga anda terlalu selesa, tidak pernah merasai kepayahan, kekangan, tekanan dan kepahitan mereka-mereka yang hidup mencari rezeki sebagai anggota pasukan keselamatan.
Buat Tian Chua, Jonathan Lin dan yang bersependapat dengannya, tinggalkan sementara pentas ceramah dan mikrofon, tinggalkan kerjaya politik anda buat sementara. Anda ikutlah  bersama-sama 'anjing-anjing' ini di barisan hadapan dalam operasi mengekang pencerobohan kaum Tausug Suluk di Sabah. Setelah anda melihat dengan mata dan kepala anda sendiri bagaimana hancurnya muka dan badan lawan dan kawan dimamah peluru, mungkin ianya dapat membantu mengubah persepsi anda semua.

Belum kena batang hidung, belum tahu tinggi rendahnya langit.
Talk the talk, do you walk the walk?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sabah Invasion ; Dear PM, No more time to bang balls!

Dear PM,

The death toll had increased.

Till now 4.51pm 3rd March 2013, 7 of our policemen were killed.

They were no ordinary police, some were officers in the police commando and special branch.

Tricked and shot, rounded up and ambushed.

These Tausug Suluk were here preparing easily many months ago, awaiting the moment.

Never heard of in Malaysia few places being organized with armed attack. First Lahad Datu, then now spread to Samporna and Kunak.

No need to establish if there are connections, the writings are all over the walls.

Surely they have the logistic, communication and networking. For sure headed by a master mind with support command base. This is not coincidental, this is organized. They are mariner and had been in guerilla warfare for many many years. They are seasoned fighters.

Dear PM,

No more negotiation.

Rakyat are fully aware that you had given them enough time.

Now, call a spade a spade.

No more time to bang balls!

Time to call for curfew east coast of Sabah.

Bring the army, and blow them to smithereen !!

Dear PM,

Sorry, slight adjustment to your phrase;

Rakyat didahulukan, 'Keselamatan' diutamakan....

From Perlis up to Sabah, Rakyat are praying may Allah blessed our country.


Note 1 ;

3 March 2013 10.30pm ; Another policeman was confirmed  killed in Kg Sri Jaya, Samporna ambush. To date, total 8 of our policemen were killed.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pencerobohan Lahad Datu ; Anda pilih 'Anjing' atau 'Babi' ?

Mungkin keinginan rakyat Malaysia melihat tumpahnya darah kini dimakbulkan, setelah selama 3 minggu mendesak mengapa pasukan keselamatan masih belum bertindak...akhirnya pertumpahan darah berlaku jua.

Sehingga catatan ini ditulis, diberitakan 2 anggota komando polis VAT69 terbunuh dan 3 lagi cedera. Manakala sekurang-kurangnya 12 anggota bersenjata Suluk terbunuh dan dikhuatiri ramai lagi yang turut cedera.

Yang amat mendukacitakan ialah perihal mereka-mereka yang melontarkan komen dan pendapat yang saya kira amat keterlaluan dalam pendekatan pasukan keselamatan menghadapi kemelut tersebut.

Mungkin kita di Malaysia kini menjadi tabiat semua benda hendak dipolitikkan. Agaknya bagi sesetengah kita, celik mata pagi hingga lelap malam nanti tiada benda yang tidak lepas dari politik. Mempolitikkan setiap benda yang lalu didepan mata!

Mungkin ada diantara kita yang  tidak bersetuju dengan cara Menteri Dalam Negeri menanangi krisis tersebut termasuk saya.  Itu tidak mengapa. Seperti yang saya selalu sebutkan bahawa kita boleh setuju untuk tidak bersetuju akan tetapi bukan melalui komen atau pendapat yang keterlaluan seolah-olah memperbodohkan kewibawaan pasukan keselamatan yang terlibat. Mereka cuma pihak yang menjalankan tugas, dipertanggungjawabkan memelihara ketenteraman dan keselamatan negara. Bila negara menghadapi krisis seperti pencerobohan Lahad Datu, sepatutnya kita sama-sama berdiri teguh  dibelakang kerajaan dan pasukan keselamatan yang ada dengan mengetepikan sementara perbezaan politik yang ada. Ia lazim berlaku di negara luar tetapi saya amat pasti ini memang ajaib jika berlaku di Malaysia!

Lewat dalam bertindak mungkin kerana ada faktor-faktor tertentu yang perlu  diambilkira oleh mereka-mereka yang dipertanggungjawabkan  menyelesaikan krisis tersebut. Tidak dinafikan di mata ramai samada dalam atau luar negara, sedikit sebanyak imej pihak keselamatan kita dilihat sedikit tercalar sehingga anggaran 200 anggota bersenjata Suluk bolos menduduki bumi Sabah.

Untuk berlaku adil terutama kepada mereka-mereka  yang bukan dari penduduk setempat atau yang tidak pernah berada di sana, sememangnya di Lahat Datu bangsa Suluk ini ramai yang telah menjadi penduduk tetap dan juga dikatakan agak bebas keluar masuk diperairan Sabah. Keadaan pesisiran pantai yang begitu luas serta mempunyai banyak kepulauan kecil menyukarkan pemantauan pihak keselamatan. Juga turut berlakunya impak dan masalah ekonomi dan sosial menimpa penduduk tempatan akibat kebanjiran pendatang asing Suluk serta bangsa-bangsa lain. Untuk lebih memahami lebih lanjut keadaan disana sila layari tulisan saudara Afterdarkwrites;

Terlalu banyak kemungkinan yang telah berlaku. Sejarah serta perjanjian lampau tentang 'sovereignty' kepulauan Sulu, penentangan Filipina semasa kemasukan Sabah dalam Malaysia, Operasi 'Merdeka' yang dirancang tentera Filipina bagi percubaan menyerang dan menawan Sabah yang gagal, penglibatan Kerajaan Malaysia dalam perjanjian damai Bangsamoro, Kerajaan Malaysia yang dalam kedudukan serba salah mengambil pendekatan bertempur memerangi  orang yang seagama maka dikatakan pula terlalu lama masa diberikan untuk berunding, penglibatan kuasa luar turut  mengambil peluang mengadu-domba, penglibatan parti pembangkang dengan pertemuan-pertemuan mereka dengan pemimpin Tausug Suluk beberapa bulan sesebelum insiden ini dan paling nyata 'timing' insiden ini terjadi pada saat-saat Malaysia akan menghadapi PRU13 yang turut menyukarkan lagi keadaan untuk Kerajaan Malaysia bertindak.

Terlalu banyak kemungkinan yang membuatkan sesetengah kita yang kurang faham tidak sabar-sabar melihat krisis ini ditamatkan dengan segera. Saya akui ada cara mudah iaitu hanya dengan menggunakan meriam 'howitzer' yang dibedilkan bertalu-talu siang dan malam  kearah penempatan anggota bersenjata Suluk dengan pasti berkecailah badan ratusan penceroboh yang membuat onar tadi tanpa perlu pasukan komando kita masuk kekawasan mereka. Jalan segera ini pasti akan terjadinya pertumpahan darah.

Akan tetapi melalui jalan mudah tadi mungkin ada beberapa isu berbangkit berpanjangan yang terpaksa dihadapi oleh Malaysia dikemudian hari.  Contohnya seperti tekanan kuasa asing tentang penghapusan tiada perikemanusian yang diambil tadi, menampakkan kita tidak peka tindakkan mudah tersebut mengakibatkan berbunuhn sesama Islam, kebangkitan bangsa Suluk di merata Sabah sendiri melancarkan serangan, terjadinya serangan gerila ke atas Sabah yang akan datang dari kepulauan Sulu dan selatan Filipina, membangkitkan kemarahan Kerajaan Filipina keatas pembunuhan rakyat mereka, akan hancurnya perjanjian damai Bangsamoro dengan Kerajaan Filipina etc.

Jadi pendekatan berunding yang diusahakan masuk minggu ketiga ini menampakkan Kerajaan Malaysia masih memberi peluang cara aman sebagai jalan keluar disamping memastikan keadaan logistik musuh serta keselamatan penduduk awam setempat terjaga sebelum tindakan bersenjata dilakukan. Pada pendapat saya, tidak menjadi kesalahan lagi jika Malaysia perlu mengambil tindakkan ketenteraan sekarang kerana tempoh berunding untuk mereka berundur secara aman telah terlalu lama, bahkan dalam pada itu 2 anggota pasukan komando polis VAT69 turut terbunuh. Jika sebelum ini pasukan polis diberi kuasa untuk menyelesaikan kemelut tersebut gagal maka penggunaan kuasa tentera sememangnya tidak dapat dielakkan bagi menamatkannya. Anggota bersenjata Suluk sepatutnya tidak menyesal akan akibatnya nanti sebab jika mereka ditakdirkan tidak terbunuh dan tertangkap hidup-hidup oleh tentera akan mengakibatkan beratus-ratus mereka akan dihukum mati kerana akan didakwa atas undang-undang melancarkan perang keatas Yang Dipertuan Agung dan ini tidak sama jika operasi tersebut masih dibawah kuasa polis kerana mereka hanya akan didakwa sebagai penceroboh/penjenayah. Hanya tentera yang berkuasa mengistiharkan perintah berkurung. Jika ada perintah berkurung dikenakan di kawassan tersebut maka ini bermakna tentera telah mengambilalih operasi tersebut dari pihak polis.

Maka jika tindakan ketenteraan akan diambil, Kerajaan Malaysia terpaksa bersedia bahawa Sabah berkemungkinan terpaksa menghadapi tekanan-tekanan atau serangan-serangan lanjutan yang dinyatakan diatas tadi.

Seperti diawal penulisan tadi, masih ramai yang terbawa-bawa dengan komen serta ulasan melampau tanpa menyedari hakikat kepayahan yang sedang dihadapi oleh pasukan keselamatan untuk membuat pilihan dalam mengambil tindakan.

Mereka-mereka inilah yang duduk nyaman dirumah masing-masing, cuma menerawang gembira kesana kesini di alam siber seolah-olah 'aku tahu kesemua benda', kerusi empuk, berhawa dingin, bekerja dengan gaji lumayan, berumah batu, berkereta besar, bebas keluar masuk negara....dan paling hebat cuma singgah sejenak untuk meninggalkan komen yang saya gelarkan tahap ' manusia hati bangkai'. Tanpa memikirkan nasib anggota-anggota pasukan keselamatan  yang mereka panggil   'anjing' itulah yang bersusah payah bergegas ke Lahad Datu dengan gaji yang tidak seberapa meninggalkan keluarga. Demi tugas dan keselamatan untuk kita semua termasuk 'manusia hati bangkai' ini jugaklah mereka pergi agar kita semua dapat terus menikmati kententeraman, menikmati tidur yang lena,  menikmati kemewahan dan terus menikmati kehidupan  disamping keluarga. Tanya pada diri kita sendiri, mampukah anda setiap masa hidup bersendirian dengan anak-anak tanpa suami kerana suaminya terpaksa serta sering keluar bertugas sebagai anggota pasukan keselamatan? Dapat menerima hakikat  sang suaminya sebelum keluar bertugas sempat berdialog mesra  dengan sang isteri tetapi bila pulangnya sang suami hanya badan yang telah kaku dan sang isteri kini bermonolog hiba di depan jasad sang suami. Anda mampu?

Beberapa komen serta ulasan yang saya kira amat melampau bertebaran di laman siber antaranya dari Tian Chua, Abby Abadi, blogger mahupun orang-orang  kebiasaan ;

Kali ini kuat dihati saya bahawa tindakan ketenteraan akan diambil. Bukan kerana polis tidak berkebolehan dalam pertempuran di hutan. VAT69 adalah unit tempur hebat secara berdepan dan sejarah telah mebuktikannya. Terdapat berita bahawa dua anggota komando VAT69 yang terbunuh semalam telah ditipu. Anggota bersenjata Suluk dikatakan telah mengibarkan bendera putih tetapi apabila Insp Zulkifli Mamat serta anggotanya keluar dari kedudukan masing, rupanya bukan penyerahan tetapi hanya muslihat kemudiannya menyaksikan Insp Zulkifli Mamat serta Kpl Sabarudin Daud terbunuh dimamah dengan peluru. Harus diingat bahawa pasti pasukan keselamatan kini dalam keadaan geram teramat. Silap besar anggota bersenjata Suluk, pasti akan merasai padahnya. Penyerahan mereka kali kedua ini akan dibalas dengan peluru jua! Anda pasti tahu bagaimana orang dalam keadaan geram bila bertindak!
Kemudian jemputlah Tian Chua serta rakan-rakan yang bersependapat dengannya untuk melihat  sendiri 'drama ' dan 'sandiwara' mereka kepada anggota keselamatan serta keluarga mereka-mereka yang terlibat untuk kita sama-sama dengar dan saksikan.
Untuk kita dengar ucapan mereka kepada balu yang suaminya telah terkorban...'Suami anda anjing'
Untuk kita dengar ucapan mereka kepada anak yang bapanya telah terkorban...'Bapa anda anjing'
Apa jawapan yang sepatutnya kita berikan? Kalau saya, akan saya balas;
"Saya lebih rela berdiri teguh bersama dengan 'anjing-anjing'...."
"Saya tidak rela untuk bersama dengan 'babi-babi' yang tidak tahu apa erti syukur dan berterima kasih !"