Sunday, July 29, 2012

olympic and and faith

The so called "The Greatest Show on Earth" has started...the London Summer Olympics 2012.

The Olympics run from July 27 to August 12 and this year Ramadhan took place from July 21 to August 20.

Waittt.......Olympics in Ramadhan?

As many as more than 3,500 muslim athletes are expected to attend,. Do you know that countries with predominantly muslim populations sent about a fourth of the competitors taking part in these modern Olympics games?

Is it the dudes in International Olympic Committee - IOC not being sensitive?
or muslim countires voices not being heard?
or we too taking the Olympics as a much awaited event rather than Ramadhan?
or we too not showing how we appreciate our holy month Ramadhan?

The IOC itself that has required the Olympic summer games take place any time between July 15 and August 31. As a result, the London Olympics will run from July 27 to August 12. Annually, Ramadan shifts forward by 11 days, putting it at July 21 to August 20, 2012, right in the middle of the Olympics.

Some did voice out the Games to be rescheduled i.e London Based Islamic Human Right Commission plus Turkey, Egypt and Morocco lobbied for a change to the scheduling of the Games so that Muslim athletes would not face a disadvantage.

But the IOC refused to budge.

I guess  IOC  shows a complete lack of awareness and sensitivity. This is not only going to disadvantage the competing  athletes and officials involved, but also alienating the Asian communities by saying they don’t matter. It’s not only going to affect the participants but it’s going to affect all the muslim people who wanted to travel and watch the Games there. They won’t want to travel much during Ramadhan since it’s a spiritual time.

Still can't read the message I wanted to tell  in between the lines? Maybe the words used were a bit diplomatic and soft....then try this " IOC, why don't you organized this at Christmas,  then it is equally stupid to organize it at Ramadhan".

Surely the athletes will seek advice from their scholars, looking for a 'fatwa' (religious edict) of how a devout muslim can postpone or even be excused from his/her observance of the fast. Trust me for those who had the experience fasting in Europe or US during summer, the day time is much longer in this case maybe from  i.e 2.30am till 9.30pm. just imagine the respective athletes within that 18 hours, to compete in world class sporting events.
They are obviously going to be at a disadvantage because other competitors will be drinking and keeping up their energy levels during the scorching summer heat.

Yeah, some might say our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did go to war even during fasting month.
That is why some muslims may not like these exemptions for the purpose of winning medals, but others say life is for real people and the religion of Islam is flexible. It will be worth observing this summer how Muslim athletes, especially those who fast during their games, perform compared to others.

In this case I really admired the Olympic football team of Morocco...the played hard, in summer heat..managed to draw 2- 2 with Honduras with players decided to still continue fasting.

Morocco Olympic Footbal Team....after the game then have to wait nearly 2 hours coz unable to produce immediately urine sample to doping control staff after the game...i guess got nothing left, the fluid had gone due to summer heat!

Timing of event, fasting, doping, dressing if like a hindrance for a muslim to excel in world sport events.

Muslim female athletes for instance facing the problems of wearing hijab in some sport events. Sport bodies like FIFA had disqualified Iranian women olympic soccer team during qualifying round due to hijab dressing code. In one of the reason given because veils/scarves  can impose danger with regard to safety.

Due to safety? Do you know that the 2012 London Olympics had allowed sikh athletes to carry the ceremonial 'kirpan' or 3 inch dagger attached to a cloth belt worn under their clothes.

So,  hijab is dangerous..dagger is not?

'a kirpan'

Damn hillarious...

Chasing the gold...chasing the faith. If can only pick one, better drop the gold and keep the faith.

There is a say....succes disguise as hardship  or problem in actual fact is an opportunity.

Had some truth to it...after the 9/11, more and more people not only in US but globally as well beginning to understand more about Islam....more and more American converted (some prefer to use the word reverted) to Islam after the 9/11. To some, it's a kind of back fire effect to the original plan to tarnish Islam.

Same thing might goes to London 2012 Olympics....the highlights and predicaments of muslim athletes fasting and female dressing code during the Games might trigger the same effect....from not knowing about Ramadhan  might be something very common in near future...very likely especially if some of the fasting athletes re able winning you know that President Obama nowdays hosted Iftar dinner to celebrate Ramadhan at White House wishing a blessed ramadhan to American muslims and muslims around the world!

So the lesson,  sensitivity of us in facing this holy month should be able to guide our decision making in planning future sporting events...from small to bigger events.

The IOC and other world sport bodies might not be as sensitive as we are, coz they just don't is our duty to educate them (achewahh!! punyer lar semangat).....we re the one to show them the examples (ehemm..ehemm).....educate them on how we plan our yearly sports activities except 'it is a no no' in the holy month of Ramadhan.....

" Babah, malam esok kan Man City  lawan Malaysia..ada live kat Astro..... "

" Ohhh ada ke??....tu main pukul berapa? "

" Tak pasti..tapi tu ari baru-baru ni pon dah ada...yang tu Malaysia lawan Arsenal pukul 9.30pm...."

aiyaa....i quit.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

kalau kita punyer? manjang tak guna....diaorang punyer?

kalau kita punyer, manjang tak kita seniri pon hentam kaw kaw...teruk sesangat ke seniri punyer?

terjumpa pics ni dalam internet....respek kat mamat ni...siap drive sampai honda sales room lagi!! selalunya yg dikutuk adalah  proton etc tak guna...yg ni HONDA tak guna!!...HONDA? amikk kauuu!! aharkk!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

lenggong : suevite and 1.8 million years old ago....

bukit bunuh, lenggong ; axe and flake tools were found embedded in rock layers of suevite caused by the meteorite impact.

what so exceptional about it?

first, the meteorite impact was dated  more than 1.8 million years ago...the tunguska impact recorded in modern time dated in 1908 (affected 2,000 km square) had shown how devastated it can be.

tunguska..the aftermatch

second, the axe and flake tools proved the existence of human activity in this region that period...more than 1.8 million years ago!!

third, it can change the world history by reconsidering the 'out of africa theory'...with this discovery there was fresh evidence of human mobility coming from Asia and Southeast Asia, and not just out of Africa.....


Bukit Bunuh Site, Lenggong, Perak
1. Date found: August 2000
2. Site type: Open site
3. Location: Longitude (100° 58’ 05” E) and Latitude (5°04’05” N)
4. Early excavation:

From 2001 to 2003.
Excavation was undertaken in the southern area of Bukit Bunuh. Palaeolithic cultural layers in a form of a stone tool workshop were discovered. OSL (Optically Simulated Luminescence) dating method gave a date circa 40,000 years ago. Handaxe that was made out of suevite has also been discovered. Meteorite impact had caused the native stone to melt and formed a new stone called suevite. This impact has been substantiated by the presence of suevite, crossed- lamellar microstructure on quartz, physical anomaly evidence and geomorphology evidence of an impact crater. The distribution of suevite is approximately 3-4 km².

2000-2006 research contributions:
• Evidence of Palaeolithic culture, dated back to 40,000 years ago.
• New geological unit – suevite as an evidence of meteorite impact circa 1.74 – 1.83 million years ago.
• The discovery of in situ handaxe, with a chronometric dating of 40,000 years ago.

5. 2007-2008 Research:
• The discovery of stone tools artefacts such as handaxe and flake tools inside of suevite, suggesting that there was a human being in Bukit Bunuh area before meteorite impact, circa 1.74 – 1.83 years ago.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

welcome ramadhan 1433 / 2012

ramadhan is coming again, the time that is blessed... and make this ramadhan our best ramadhan ever, insyaAllah...


by George Cookson
(British army officer stationed in Egypt at the end of the 19th century)
published 1904

Upon the parapet of the citadel
I gazed across the vast town at my feet;
'Twas nigh to sunset, and the heavy heat
Enshrouded all, naught could I clearly tell,

Saving the minarets innumerable,
That rose above the amber mist; each street
Was hid from view, only the traffic's beat
Mixed with faint voices on my hearing fell.

At last the gold disc of the molten sun
Plunged down the desert hills, whereat I heard
The sudden thunder of the signal gun

Leap out, and lo, at that tremendous word
The great heart of the faithful city stirred,
And rose in a wild cry—the fast was done...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

old skool - the days when 'duaposen' was enough.... was alive back then, lots of physical games...lots of friends maybe not as ideal as 'ali, tong seng and ramasamy in primary text book type' but way way off better than today's standard....mixed and played within our means...not much technologies but wealth of harmony and tolerances among us....dont have to be vocal to get things done, dont have to be rude to express disagreement...never heard of baju kuning or baju oren....never had ngos' busy with protest here and there...nor 'pedang samurai action'...tatarakyat subject was taught in school....police and law enforcement bodies were treated with much respect...

came across an email......from an old skool generation, very nostalgic writing about the days when 'duaposen' was enough...

old skool malaysians.....i guess different breed altogether, unlike today....

Everyone hadToo all my friends what a wonderful life those days....."

From my Malaysian lau kawan

How I wish we could rewind the clock....
  Dedicated To All those Born in 1940's, 50's , 60's 

Without any maids, our mothers cooked, cleaned and took care of the whole family. They still had time to chat with neighbours.

 candy floss, fizzy drinks and shaved ice with syrups. Diabetes was rare and 
aspirin/panadol cured all illness. 

We rode adult bicycles to school, the richer ones had their own mini-bikes.
Ironically, we all had problems with our brakes, and after running into the bushes a few times, we learned how to solve the problem. 
Prefects were a fearful lot ...more fearful than the teachers. Detention class was like going to prison for a day. We had "public caning" in schools.  

NO ONE ever won the big prizes on "Tikam". It was a scam but it did not stop us coming back for more.

Motorbikes were riden without helmets.
It was rare to ride a private taxi.
Taking a bus was luxury - we either cycled or walked everywhere. 

We drank water from the tap and NOT from bottles.

We spent hours in fields under the sun, playing football or flying kites, without worrying about UV rays. It did not affect us.

We roamed free catching spiders and did not worry about Aedes mosquitoes.
We kept our spiders in match boxes and ready for a fight anytime.  

With a mere 5 pebbles, girls played endless games and with a tennis ball, boys ran like crazy for hours.

When it rained, we swam the drains & canals to catch "ikan keli", none of us were dissolved in rain.

We shared one bottle of soft drink with friends, NO ONE actually worried about catching anything.

We ate salty, sweet & oily foods, bread had real butter and sometimes condensed milk. We enjoyed very sweet coffee, tea, and "ice kacang" but we were not obese because.......

We left home in the morning and played all day till hunger drove us back home.
When needed, our parents knew how to find us. NO ONE actually watched over us and WE ALWAYS WERE SAFE.  

We rode bikes or walked over to a friend's house and just yelled for them! 

We did not have Playstations, X-boxes, Nintendo's, multiple channels on cable TV, DVD movies, no surround sound, no phones, no personal computers, no Internet.
WE HAD FRIENDS and we went outside and found them! Our TV was black and white.

We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and we still continued the stunts.

We did not have birthdays parties till we were 21, which is when we started to take notice of girls.   

We had not heard of the word "Bumiputra". We only knew our friends by names. Their parents were Pak Cik and Mak Cik or Uncle and Aunty.

In Badminton, we did not change the shuttle as long as it was in flight. Regardless of how many feathers were left in the shuttle, our game continued... but still Wong Peng Soon and Punch Gunalan made us proud in Badminton.  
Match-boxes were always "chilly" or "king kong" own a box of matches from a hotel was something great.
Regardless of whether we could afford one, we always knew Maths tuition was $10.00 a month.

 All parties were held in the Town hall.

  Morris Minor and Volkswagen beetle were on our roads...driven alongside Kingswood, Vauxhall, Opel and Chrysler. Executives of companies drove Peugeot 504's. Japanese cars were considered "inferior". There were no traffic lights only roundabouts.  
 The whole kampung came together during kenduris and all took turns to "kacau dodol". Chinese, Indians and Malays were all part of kenduris and all of us spoke Malay.  
 Our favourite local performer was Rose Chan and the Beatles were the most popular band.  John Wayne's westerns on Sunday, cheap Matinees were 25 cent per show.    Malay weddings had joget sessions at night, it was the only time to ask the Malay ladies for a dance.   Ketupat were NEVER plastic wrapped. Football was played barefooted in thorn-filled "padangs", rain or shine... but still Santokh Singh, Soh Chin Ann and Mokhtar Dahari made us proud, we actually beat South Korea in football. 

"Laksa" and "Putu Mayam" man came peddling. "Kacang Puteh" man walked balancing on his head top, 6 compartments of different type of murukus. 

 We played "gasing", made our own kites & had kite fighting with glass glued threads and made wooden guns & used seeds from plants for bullets.  

Kang Kong was free…easily harvested by the riverside. "Kembong" was 30 cents a "kati" and nobody wanted "ikan pari".   

When the Circus came to town, everybody went to see it. It was the best LIVE show I ever saw.  

Usually we did not have to BUY fruits; they were self planted or given by neighbours or friends.   

The idea of parents bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. Our parents actually sided with the law ! Nobody knew about child psychology ! Yet this generation has produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers and inventors ever! The last 40 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas.

JPJ testers instill fear and were highly respected ...

Susu lembu was delivered to our house by our big, friendly and strong "Bayi" on his bicycle. All "jagas" were "Bayi" and no place got robbed.

We felt please to see a policeman and we were always edger to tell police everything we saw.

We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned

And YOU are one of them!


And while you are at it, forward it to your kids so they will know how brave their parents were.

P/S: -The big
font used is because of Long-sightedness or hyperopia at our  age.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

street drifting - arabs style

how i wish to own that hachiroku...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

world moto3 GP - zulfahmi...from banting with hope.

dulu2 aku minat gak tgk moto gp ni, sebelum track sepang diaorang race kat batu 3...masa tu zezaman eddie lawson , mick doohan, wayne rainey tgh top.

pastu minat aku kat moto gp ni slow-slow hilang...

lately  ni minat tu datang balik sebab tgk ada sorang rider malaysia dalam kategori world moto3 gp, zulfahmi khairuddin dari banting...menggunakan no. 63 menunggang ktm mewakili team air asia sic ajo.

mmg dia berpotensi besar dalam sukan moto gp, baru berusia 20 tahun!

zulfahmi ni sure masa umur-umur 16 ke 17 tahun lagi dah ada motor power plus biasa bawak laju.

aku masa umur2 cenggitu ada gak la bawak moto...sesekali pinjam motor abg aku masa dia study itm...yamaha autolube...tak tau rupa cemana? korang carik la seniri lam net..aharkk.

now ni dia dalam kedudukan top ten dalam overall championship standings..tapi belum pernah dapat mana2 podium finish...paling hampir ialah dapat no. 4 masa racing kat estoril, portugal, yg terbaik dalam kariernya.

minggu ni racing kat litar sachsenrig, jerman...mmg hoping sgt2 nak tgk orang malaysia dapat podium finish...

zulfahmi...from banting with hope.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

my first ride - proton SAGA

'babah , dulu2 pakai keter apa?'

ahaa!! unexpected question from alang...

yups, being typical 80's...a proton was my first car...dark blue salon, 1.5s manual transmission with magma engine.

first production was in 1986, SAGA stands for safety, achievement, greatness and given by an army staff who won the naming of national car contest.

my verdict? a bit boxy in design but with a very reliable engine..parted due to the needs of having own house.

a boring car?


greatness? yes, multi tasking to some...

safety achievement? envy to some...

ability? surely with after market gizmo to some...

so....never underestimate the 80's saga.

aharkk !