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Friday, April 17, 2015

ivan goh lee en tatt ; it is not about what you request, it is how you request...

ivan goh lee en tatt using foul language criticized azan loud speaker....claiming it was his fake FB account...but records shown he also posted issues insulting malay rulers and pm under police and MCMC investigation...
fake FB account, hacked etc being heard before....
but ivan, if untrue and actually yours, I don't feel sorry for you...don't have to wait for ISIS in Malaysia, many volunteers willing to meet you...then have the pleasure living dangerously from now on...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

BFM - B_lasphemy F_or M_oslems !!!


“We wholly and unreservedly condemn the vile and vicious threats that have been levelled against Aisyah Tajuddin. Such threats are not only against the laws of our country but have no place in a society that espouses peace and tolerance,” said BFM and Projek Dialog in a recent statement on Friday...then followed by an apology statement.
Last December, the same BFM creating a stir by broadcasting interview with Iranian-American scholar Reza Aslan on the “Allah” controversy. The interview was conducted after a Court of Appeal decision earlier that month to prohibit the Catholic Church from using the word “Allah” in their internal publication, Herald. The deejays involved were Sharaad Kuttan, Umapagan Ampikaipakan, Ezra Said, Caroline Oh and Patrick Teoh.
In January 2013, Patrik Teoh posted in his facebook the words "Quran-thumping mother f**kers!!!" condemning  the then PAS-led Kedah state government’s regarding guidelines for the officials and singers for the 1Malaysia Chinese New Year usual, later he followed by an apology statement...

BFM, you guys just never learnt.....or maybe just love to be taught  a lesson the hard way ?!!

brake faster macha..
bribe free Malaysian...

mind if I suggest people in BFM to air your new tagline?

blasphemy for moslems !!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

kelantan's hudud ; true colors emerge!

Kelantan tabled the Shariah Criminal Code (II) (1993) bill today, despite repeated objections from PAS’ Pakatan Rakyat allies, DAP and PKR. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa - pic ;

Kelantan tabled the Shariah Criminal Code (II) (1993) bill today 18th March 2015, despite repeated objections from PAS’ Pakatan Rakyat allies, DAP and PKR.
Instead, being supported from Umno in Kelantan, which said it is obliged as a Malay-Muslim party to back the PAS government’s plan when the state legislative assembly goes to vote. 
Political parties and the country's multi racial public gave their comments. The non-muslim,  lambasted PAS moves with derogatory remarks...just be mindful about the words. Showing true colors?
Date ; 18th March 2015

DAP stand your ground. We don't need flip-flop parties that seem more interested in meeting out punishment for supposed sex crimes than developing the state
    It is just a law by human for human and against human.
      Does pas people think they will HV as high a probability of securing a pm or DPM post with umno than they r with pr
      Dap should just pull out from PKR ! Pas has no respect of the fundametal of malaysia, and no respect of we are a multi-racial, multi-religious society !
        They interest to lead all of them in FEAR and underneath them once when religious become utmost.
        They should understood that we have our Federal Constitution don't compare Malaysia with middle-east where they don't have Federal Constitution law(the law which gained Malaysia Independence) like us.

        Political alliance is like business & marriage. If partners could not agree, it is better to split rather than trying to work out ways to reconcile for major problem like this. If PAS thinks that they are great, they have all the rights to do what they want. There is always another better version, PasMa to work with.
        Just let them have hudud and see how it fares if it is better or worse than the secular law that Malaysia currently practiced, a human law that has failed Malaysian people thus far.....may be God's law can save Malaysia from sliding into a failed state...
        it is good that PAS shows its colors now rather than later. They just do not value the relationship and the help they had been getting to get national awareness. Now it seems they are going to be a mosquito party where even in Kelantan they cannot hold for sure.
        DAP stands on its principle ....
          What do you expect from a political party that tied itself to religion? It can't even determine whether it's a political body or a religious body.

            • Its appears to be an "Holier than thou" party. But are they really one? God only knows what their Hidden Agenda is.
              Just get out....i will bring in more intellectual malays like me to DAP...dont waste time

                Haha....padan muka kau DAP. Maka ranaplah impian untuk menakluki Putrajaya tanpa adanya PAS.
                Without PAS it is more likely to reach Putrajaya.
                Anyway who wants to go to Putrajaya if it is like Pakistan?
                We non Muslims opt for BN anytime if that is the result.
                  Better get rid of this liability and problematic baggage right now. Do it in double-quick time before it takes an irreversible toll when we're too near GE14.
                  Let Unmo have those goons. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
                    We know where DAP stands. PAS is the useless child. The problem child is PKR.

                      This is a happy playground for the cyber troopers. They want to tear PK apart today with instigation, calling DAP cowards for not daring to leave the coalition, pretending to be sympathizers and urged them to kick out PAS. Wow a lot of reasons to make them breakup. Not only are they happy but their pockets will be full if they succeed. They forget their is a PasMa waiting to take over PAS.

                        PR will lose my vote if PAS is still part of it comes GE14.....
                          I second you.
                            DAP must review its position in Pakatan. It is meaningless to remain in the coalition if a member party always break the rules and regulations which they had collectively agreed to uphold upon inception. PAS's arrogance, deceit and conceit cannot be accepted at all. PAS's stance would pose a bigger stumbling block at the national level should the coalition were to continue with the cooperation.
                            What is the real motive of PAS insistence in tabling the hudud enactments? Are crime, vice activities, social problems and illegal activities in Kelantan so serious and rampant that the state government has to impose a new set of laws to deal with them? Aren't existing laws good enough to curb and deal with the offences? Or there is a lapse and incompetence at the enforcement level? Is policing insufficient and deficient in dealing with crime, law and order?
                            The state administration's obsession with the implememtation of the Islamic syariah runs contrary to the federal constitution which regards Malaysia as a secular nation.
                            DAP and,for that matter, PKR must review their partnership with PAS which does not abide by their common policy framework. Such blatant disregard for rule would spell disaster for any kind of cooperation.
                            Adios, Pakatan.
                            (BN-UMNO laughing wildly at the back!)
                              PKR and DAP still will get their way in to Putrajaya without PAS. Bcos PAS is already dead in the eyes of Malaysians. This party will turn the nation backward and to the river of no return (no progress). So Malaysians chose yourself for your children future are in your hands. Hudud make you no hands to vote, for most men steal by two ways, one is openly and the other one by under counter. PAS please pay more attention to the second way ya. Syabas Kelantanese!!

                                ..what you mean back stabbing? back stabbing mean someone stabbing you without you knowing or anticipated!!
                                PAS OPENLY stated they wanted to implement HUDUD!! are you telling me DAP have zero idea about PAS plan?

                                  well said..

                                    DAP knew and had acknowledged that PAS can implement Hudud in a letter signed between Lim Guan Eng And Hadi Awang.

                                      Don't talk...pls show the letter...
                                      Is d modern world too much for d Malay man?

                                        No, only for those wearing the PAS turban. Too tight me thinks, no blood flow to the brain.

                                        Anwar is not Malay? Marina Mahatir is not Malay?
                                        Azmin is not Malay? Nurul is not Malay? etc. etc, etc,
                                        Please leave your racists comments out of this.

                                          DAP, do it, dissociate yourself from PAS. In that way, you will earn our respect.

                                            leave or no leave. what difference does it make now? either way is oppression.
                                            No more votes for PAS forever
                                            It's for PR to issue a show cause letter to PAS leading to the termination of PAS in the JV pact....PAS must go and PASma should be invited.

                                              You sure you guys want hudud? You will see a lot politicians without hands.
                                              PAS is a disgrace!
                                                Pas must do the only honorable thing by leaving Pakatan for back stabbing your partners.
                                                Pas, what is the punishment for betrayal in Hudud ?


                                                  Tuesday, March 10, 2015

                                                  antara roti jala dan berlapang dada....

                                                  Ianya adalah jalan terpuji dengan mengenepikan ego masing-masing..mengambil jalan berlapang dada.
                                                  Pertemuan ini dapat menyelesaikan banyak masalah. Ada hikmahnya. Kedua-dua mereka tokoh berjiwa besar. Masing-masing memang ada kesilapan tetapi kita semua harus melihat kehadapan
                                                  Dalam laman Facebooknya, Dr Asri menyatakan, ‘Minum dan tersenyum’. " Saya alhamdulillah menerima tetamu istimewa malam ini Datuk Kazim Elias di Kangar, Perlis. Turut sama Dato Dr Asyraf Wajdi Yang di Pertua YADIM. Kami minum dan makan dengan mesra sebagai saudara muslim di cafe yang sedap menunya, Cafe Blackwood, Kangar ".
                                                  Malah Raja Muda Perlis, Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Ibni Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail turut mencemar duli meraikan Kazim dan pertemuan itu.
                                                  Pertemuan yang disifatkan MAZA sebagai minum sambil tersenyum itu membuka jalan penyelesaian terbaik berbanding terus ‘berbalah’ dialam maya berkaitan hadis palsu dan tuduhan melampau antara satu sama lain sehingga mencetuskan suasana tidak baik dalam gerakan dakwah negara.

                                                  Friday, March 6, 2015

                                                  MH370..a year after ; how big a haystack, how small a needle?


                                                  The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, carrying 239 people on board, turns a year old, and still remains a mystery. It had rocked the global aviation industry and spooked aviation experts.  The Boeing 777 took the ill fated flight disappeared on March 8 last year. shortly after taking off from Kuala Lumpur, bound for Beijing.....the rest is history...till now shrouded with theories and mysteries.....


                                                  Saturday, February 28, 2015

                                                  hearing adzan - which one are you?


                                                  some.... when they used to hear adzan calling for prayer would literally DROP EVERYTHING - if they were raising an axe aiming it to hit the ground and the adzan was called....the axe wouldn't even hit the ground !...meaning immediately leave present business (and every other thing).

                                                  some....always in the habit of delaying,

                                                  and some...not even bother,

                                                  ....which one are you?