Saturday, November 9, 2013

ison - comet of the century?

will ison live up to its taunted reputation as the comet of the century?

was discovered by russian astronomer in september 2012 (ermm...seems discovered just recently considering almost a year!)

entering earth atmosphere from november 2013, closest to earth and can be seen with naked eyes by end december 2013...slingshot passing the sun re-enter the earth atmosphere again till january 2014.




will ison be glowing brightly as being hyped when entering earth atmosphere?
or will ison be littering earth atmosphere with meteor showers and dust particles?
or will ison be disintregated when entering the earth atmosphere?
or will the ison just fizzle out on its trip around the sun?
or will ison just a let down....

anyway comets beauty are magical....arent they?
also do ask comets....they will answer we are unreliable and unpredictable as well...haha!

worth watching...wait and see.