Saturday, March 21, 2015

BFM - B_lasphemy F_or M_oslems !!!


“We wholly and unreservedly condemn the vile and vicious threats that have been levelled against Aisyah Tajuddin. Such threats are not only against the laws of our country but have no place in a society that espouses peace and tolerance,” said BFM and Projek Dialog in a recent statement on Friday...then followed by an apology statement.
Last December, the same BFM creating a stir by broadcasting interview with Iranian-American scholar Reza Aslan on the “Allah” controversy. The interview was conducted after a Court of Appeal decision earlier that month to prohibit the Catholic Church from using the word “Allah” in their internal publication, Herald. The deejays involved were Sharaad Kuttan, Umapagan Ampikaipakan, Ezra Said, Caroline Oh and Patrick Teoh.
In January 2013, Patrik Teoh posted in his facebook the words "Quran-thumping mother f**kers!!!" condemning  the then PAS-led Kedah state government’s regarding guidelines for the officials and singers for the 1Malaysia Chinese New Year usual, later he followed by an apology statement...

BFM, you guys just never learnt.....or maybe just love to be taught  a lesson the hard way ?!!

brake faster macha..
bribe free Malaysian...

mind if I suggest people in BFM to air your new tagline?

blasphemy for moslems !!


  1. kinda of know the tagline, already your main topic...

    bfm..better finish - serious, for being overly secularist..and smart alec, just like the thump whats his face guy. his idiocy is appalling he shoudnt be in broadcasting at all. broadcast people shud be a genius cos they talk to public. just my 2 cent

  2. knowing one, just a matter of time the real self will reveal the true face......either we will know it is only 'a mask' soon...or maybe later...eventually.